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Chairman’s Message

Chairmans Message Punjab Education Foundation (PEF) is playing a leading role in the promotion of free quality education in the low income families through its private partners in all the 36 districts of the province.

At the outset, I would point out that keeping in view PEF’s immaculate performance and success in reaching out to the needy segments of the society, this Foundation has been entrusted by the Punjab Government to enrol around 2.5 million underprivileged children in its partner schools. With a view to extend this opportunity to economically deprived communities, our educational programs are regularly expanded so that more and more communities could be benefited.

It is satisfying that the Foundation has ably designed its educational programs so that the children, who cannot afford schooling for want of resources, could easily benefit from the propitious opportunities. We have given confidence and encouragement to the penurious families to change their lives through education as it is a proven ‘change-agent.’ It’s satisfying that people have shown great interest in the schooling of their children; continuous increase in PEF’s beneficiaries is manifest of their vociferous interest. The Foundation has also strengthened low cost private schools in a number of ways including its training programs have dexterously improved the capacity of the teachers.

It is important to note that PEF has played an important role in extending educational facility to remote and outlying areas, including vast Cholistan desert, where 139 community and mobile schools are running and the children of nomads are getting an opportunity to get education which is funded by the PEF. Earlier, these schools were on the verge of closing down due to paucity of funds.

We have also opened 31 mobile schools deep in Cholistan for nomad population which move from one place to another in search of water. These schools will also move with the population. I believe that this innovative intervention will benefit the nomads dwelling in this deep desert sprawling over three districts.

In near future PEF is going to launch Roshan Thal Project, where thousands of more children’s will get free and quality education through PEF.

Dr. Saeed Shafqat
PEF Chairperson Message

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