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Paper Rechecking Procedure and Form

Paper rechecking procedure
Paper Rechecking Form


Guidelines for Partner Schools regarding QAT 2019-20

Content List

Content Book Primary Content Book Middle
Content Book Secondary

Model Papers

These test papers (PEF-QAT) have been displayed as model papers to practice and offer only the pattern and types of questions which may be asked in actual tests. The types of items asked in the tests have been focusing the content given in the books selected and distributed by Government of Punjab for the academic year. These model papers will help the students to practice and perform better for actual QAT.

Model papers for Class Nursery to Class 12 (AY 2023-24)

Past year papers

Past Papers 2017-18
Past Papers 2018-19
FAS Past Year Papers
EVS Past Year Papers
NSP Past Year Papers

Supplementary Syllabus

Syllabi for QAT 2022-23
Syllabus for HSS for QAT 2021-22
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