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Third Party Outsourcing:

At present QAT printing, conduct and marking is outsourced to third parties through advertisement in the newspaper providing equal opportunities to interested parties to apply. The selection of third party for printing, conduct and marking of QAT is accomplished through Procurement Committee, constituted with the approval of the Competent Authority to ensure transparency in the selection process. PPRA Rules 2014 are strictly followed at every step of procurement. At present esteemed and credited institutions are working as third parties. The Procurement Committee following approved selection criteria and evaluation method shortlists the most competent parties for following QAT processes:

  • Paper printing
  • Conduction
  • Marking

However, very recently ADU has successfully completed the initial pilot phase for in-house conduct and marking thus soon ADU would have more vital and challenging role in organizing the in-house conduct and marking of QAT papers for all programmes.

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