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CPDP Initiatives
Certification Regime for Teachers in PEF Partner Schools

Certification regime for teachers in partner schools initiated with the aim to:

  1. Improve the school image & prestige
  2. Make easier for principals’ to retain effective teachers
  3. Encourage the teachers to become effective classroom practitioner
  4. Incentivize the certified teachers

The payment for test of a teacher was Rs.500/- and borne by PEF. If a certified teacher is retained in the school for a year, the teacher shall be entitled to annual Rs.5000 from PEF. (For each continuing year the same Rs.5000/- shall be entitled to the teacher from PEF). The mechanism for payment to certified teacher for first time as follows:

  1. Rs.2,500 shall be borne by PEF
  2. Rs.2,500 shall be deducted from payments to be made to respective schools (one time in the whole year)

Trained teachers can better groom his/her students in a classroom. Good teachers are essential for the effective functioning of education systems and for improving the quality of learning process.

In House TDP and SLP Test Conduction

In FY 2018-19, CPDP has took an initiative to conduct the In house test of 8370 TDP trained teachers and 3822 SLP trained head teachers of FY 2017-18 of PEF core programs. During In house test conduction CPDP department will be exercising following processes:

  1. Development of papers
  2. Printing and Packing of Papers
  3. Conduction of In house test
  4. Marking and tabulation of result
  5. Declaration of result
Gender mainstreaming training through School Mentoring Activity (SMA)

CPDP has taken an initiative of educating PEF partner school teachers on the Gender main streaming module. The aim of the training is to help in promoting the enrolment, retention and education of children especially girls. School teachers are trained on Gender module for 2-3 hours session during 1 day school mentoring activity.

Pre and Post training analysis of teachers/head teachers

In order to gauge learning outcomes of CPDP trainings, CPDP has taken an initiative to evaluate PEF partner school teachers and head teachers by taking their Pre and Post training assessment on sample basis.

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