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Capacity Building opportunities

1. School Leadership Program (SLP)

The objective is to train head teachers/principals for better administration and management of the school with an emphasis on school improvement plan, co-curriculum activities, parent community, health & safety. It consists of 2 Levels of 4 days each (i.e. 8 hour/day) sessions.

2. Teacher Development Program (TDP)

TDP introduces teachers to effective teaching practices, teaching without resources, teaching learning cycle, Blooms taxonomy, QAT, classroom management and importance of homework. It consists of 2 Levels of 5 days each (i.e. 8 hour/day) session.

3. School Mentoring Activity (SMA)

A 3 hour training at the school level whereby classroom management skills, QAT and Teacher Information System is introduced.

4. Early Childhood Education (ECE)

10 day training for teachers, care givers and head teachers on ECE guide for ECE schools.

5. Water and Sanitary Hygiene Trainings (WASH)

One day session for ECE schools. Along with establishing WASH clubs for students.

6. Inclusive Education Trainings (IE)

3 days training to build an awareness of dealing with students with mild disabilities along with mainstream teaching.

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