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Education Voucher Scheme


Basic Model and Target Population:

To ensure socio economic justice and to avoid educational apartheid in the society at grassroots, the poorest of the poor and disenfranchised sections of society must get equal opportunity and access to quality education enabling the future generations to get out of the vicious circle of poverty and deprivation. There is no doubt that education is a strong mechanism that can be used to develop the human capital resources.

With this objective in mind, Punjab Education Foundation since its restructuring in 2004 has been struggling to promote quality education through Public Private Partnerships. Education Voucher Scheme was launched in 2006 with an aim to benefit children belonging to less affluent and underprivileged areas, who otherwise cannot get education due to financial and social constraints.

Area, No. of Schools & No. of Students:

In a short span of time, within years of its age, EVS launched 16 phases in 36 districts all over the Punjab and approximately 0.5 million children are registered and getting quality education in more than 1592 EVS partner schools. The age group of EVS beneficiary is 5-16 years.

School Selection Criteria

Following are the preferred criteria for selection of schools:

  • Single ownership
  • Minimum number of rooms as per the detail given below:
    Sr. # School Level Number of Rooms
    1. Primary 3
    2. Middle 5
    3. Secondary 7
  • School owner must be within age range of 25-60 years.
  • Minimum qualification of school owner should be intermediate or equivalent.
  • Minimum 50 studnets must be enrolled in the school.
  • Schools must be teaching curriculum approved by Punjab Text Book Board.
  • School must be functional in the UC under the ownership of present owner for the last six months.
  • School to be registered with the School Education Department or have applied for the same. However, provision of documentary evidence is mandatory in either case.
  • Application for partnership has to be accompanied by ownership documents of school building/rent deed/fard-e-malkiat/school map and attested copy of CNIC.
  • Final selection of schools shall be based on physical verification of school. Decision by competent authority of PEF shall be deemed to be final in this regard.
  • All such applications shall be rejected which are:
    • Incomplete
    • Without signature
    • With cutting
    • Based on misleading information
    • Received after due date
  • School must be located in concerned union council. It is mandatory to mention the distance of school from concerned union council in the partnership application form.
  • School should obtain an attested certificate from relevent UC/TMA as an evidence of its existence in the advertised UC for last 06 months of the advertisement.
  • Any professional license holder such as doctors, engineers, lawyers etc. may apply after getting their licenses suspended.
  • in case of more than one campus, only main campus will be selected for partnership of school.
  • In case of rented building, the rent agreement should be two-year old. The date of agreement will be determined from the date of advertisement.
  • In case schools enroll students of nearby city/rural government schools, they must obtain the 'school leaving certificate' which will be verified during voucher distribution. The liability lies with the school owner.
  • All information given in the partnership application form shall be deemed to be final in all aspects. No amendments shall be permissible in the information mentioned in this form.
  • PEF-EVS department reserves the right to initiate legal proceedings against the applicants who have furnished misleading information.
  • PEF-EVS reserves the right to accept or reject any or all applications.
  • Applicants who are already partner under any PEF program shall not be eligible to apply. Any attempt to influence the selection process may lead to cancellation of partnership.
  • Government servants are not eligible to apply.

The criteria mentioned above are subject to approval by Board of Directors, PEF and may change from time to time.

Following are not eligible to apply

  • A candidate/school who is already a partner in any program of PEF.
  • PEF Employees and their close relatives such as husband, wife, mother, father, sister, brother, daughter or son.
  • Any former partner of any PEF program who has been balcklisted.
  • Any permanent or temporary employee(s) of government, semi-government or autonomous bodies.
  • Any kind of organization (NGO/Trust)
  • Any candidate who is also a partner of any PEF School.

The criteria mentioned above are subject to approval by Board of Directors, PEF and may change from time to time.

Level Wise Fee per Child

Level Wise Fee per Child is as follows:

  • Rs 550/- per student uptill Primary classes
  • Rs 600/- Per student for Elementary classes
  • Rs 900/- Per student for Secondary Arts classes
  • Rs 1100/- Per student for Secondary Science students
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