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How I process my application for a job against vacant post?

PEF jobs are advertised in National Dailies. You can apply for the job when announces in National Dailies by downloading application form through PEF website. PEF doesn’t entertain direct requests for hiring.

What recruitment and selection procedure does PEF follow?

PEF follows a standardized and transparent recruitment & selection procedure which starts with advertising posts through National Dailies, encoding of applications, short listing of applications through short listing committee and interviews by nominated committee.

What type of employment does PEF offer?

PEF offers contractual employment and contract is renewed on the basis of performance

How long is Probation Period?

Probation period comprises of three months. During probation period employee will obtain satisfactory report of work and conduct from HOD. In case of unsatisfactory performance, your services will be terminated by giving one week notice.

How does PEF recruit interns?

PEF normally recruit interns (graduate students) on need basis. However summer internship program for under graduate students execute once in a year.

What is the stipend for interns?

PEF offer Rs 25,000/- per month stipend to interns (graduate students) and summer internship program is voluntary. The rate is subject to change by BODs

What is the duration of internship?

The duration of internship is 1 Year which is extendable for one more year depending upon performance

Does my position will remain permanent at a specific location throughout my service?

Your service is position specific however; PEF reserves a right to transfer you anywhere in Punjab

Does PEF offer training & development to its employee?

PEF have specialized training & development department who offers competitive and need based training to its employees through renowned training providers.

Does PEF employee have clear job description regarding their role?

Each PEF employee has specific job description which is indexed in HR manual of PEF

Does PEF offer medical & life insurance to its employees?

Yes, PEF offers medical & life insurance to its employees.

What performance management mechanism PEF used?

PEF use well developed performance management mechanism.

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