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Information Technology Department


Our vision is to become an e-based organization. PEF Information Technology Department is dedicated to delivering high quality technical service to the PEF Employees. It is our goal to continuously meet the technological needs of all PEF employees. Currently we are maintaining 300 plus nodes head office and regional offices.

IT Support Services

We provide new employee login ID and password to access computers, email and web portal. We provide orientation to the employees for using all the services provided by IT department. We assist employees and staff to resolve hardware, software and connectivity issues.

System Maintenance

The IT department monitors all the computer systems within the PEF head office and in regional offices to maintain the electronic communication on a regular basis and/or as needed. We ensure that the computers specifications are adequate for users to run all software applications that are necessary. In addition, all computers are loaded with anti-virus software and spam-filtering tools to make sure each system is running smoothly.

Server and Storage

The IT department maintains all the PEF networks (LAN and WAN) with its highly skilled staff. Most of the areas within the PEF are covered by wireless routers and access points for WiFi connectivity.

Public Access Computers

IT department has implemented both hardware security as well as software security for all computers and devices placed in PEF. Printing devices are available in each department according to their needs.

Computer Usages Policy

All users accessing computers and internet from within PEF are prohibited from the following activities:

  • Modifying or attempting to modify PEF computers without authorization which includes opening PCs, installing software or hardware components.
  • Accessing or downloading inappropriate content materials from the internet.
  • Compromising or attempting to compromise privacy or confidentiality
  • Allowing unauthorized access to accounts and passwords
  • Violating software license agreements
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