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Monitoring & Evaluation Department


Education is a premier factor that forms the vision of a nation and leads the process of sustainable development. Making appropriate choices for right type of education is core to process of development through education. Monitoring and Evaluation is a strategic department that tracks the progress and facilitates the decision making. Punjab Education Foundation has a Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) department that is primarily entrusted upon the collection and evaluation of information from different programs through multiple sources. M&E gives an insight to the senior management on past experiences for improvement in current operations and proper planning in future.

Objectives of M&E

M&E department is destined to monitor all programs of Punjab Education Foundation which may lead to efficient assessment and evaluation of development efforts of the organization due to which following objectives can be achieved:

  • Informed Decision Making
  • Enhancement in organizational and development learning
  • Support substantive accountability and program restructuring

Functioning of M&E

M&E works independently to keep a close eye on the implementation of all programs and is a credible source of critical information for the management with reference to programs’ performance. M&E is reporting directly to the Board of Directors (BoD) and the Managing Director (MD) in order to efficiently help management in making the right decisions with respect to changes in the programs. DFID has verified M&E systems and got it reviewed through independent consultants who have awarded 95% plus marks for prevalence of appropriate controls in monitoring and evaluation.

Department Hierarchy

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